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Founding Prospectus

Next-generation aircraft is going to be launched to the world as the first 21st century airliner. Environmentally conscious, light weight, innovative, high value-added aircraft is being developed.
We will work together to realize parts supply for the next-generation aircraft that corresponds to the 21st century. 
In the global development race that is going on, it is not easy for small and medium-sized companies to enter the aircraft industry which requires extremely high technology levels. However, technological development in the next-generation aircraft-related fields involves many unexplored areas, and we believe that there is a potential that is worthy of technical challenges, and high technical requirements are as we would want.
The Next-Generation Aircraft Parts Supply Network is an additional business that small and medium-sized enterprises, which require management innovation in order to advance into new areas, use as a partnership-type network to jointly execute the business required to enter the next-generation aircraft market. We aim to secure innovative technologies that can be used in high value markets, and in turn lead to market development.
For the time being, we will collect information and research on technology trends and required technology levels for the next-generation aircraft, and in the near future, we will aim for the next-generation aircraft to be equipped with components developed independently or jointly by companies in this network.

April 2005
Next-generation aircraft parts supply founders network.

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